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Where are Carrier Air Conditioners Manufactured?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Carrier brand is recognized around the world as a symbol of innovative high quality, energy efficient cooling and heating equipment. Carrier Corporation's corporate headquarters is located in Farmington, Connecticut and its engineering and design facilities are in Syracuse, New York. Carrier has manufacturing plants throughout the world, with many important facilities in the United States. 

Willis Carrier built the first practical air conditioning system in 1902. The Carrier Engineering Corporation, which he and a group of his engineering colleagues formed in 1915, began manufacturing air conditioning equipment in Newark, New Jersey in 1920. During the the 1930s the company moved to Syracuse. Carrier played a key role in the expansion of America's suburbs in the 1950s, when the post-war economic boom saw population growth in southwestern cities that might not have been able to expand without air conditioning.

The Carrier Air Conditioning Company became a subsidiary of United Technologies in 1979. Today, Carrier has access to United Technology's manufacturing facilities all over the world, including many factories in the United States. Plants in Indianapolis, Indiana, Collierville, Tennessee, Tyler, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina and Lewisburg, Tennessee, produce key components for Carrier's residential and commercial cooling and heating systems. Carrier products manufactured in the United States include furnaces, air handlers, condensing units, heat pumps, chillers and systems for refrigerated transportation.

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Written by Frank Newhouse

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